Live edge wall shelf with hooks

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live edge wall shelf with hooks
Where do I start with this piece?!?!

First, very practical for the PNW and our wet conditions. It’s perfect for right inside the door to hang coats, hats and leashes.

This piece has some Vancouver history. We are so excited to be a part of a community collaboration between the City of Vancouver, Friends of the Carpenter, Minion’s Smithy and ourselves. This particular oak is part of the lumber that was donated to Friends of the Carpenter by the City of Vancouver. Recently the city took down trees for a road expansion project and donated the logs to FOC instead of having them chipped. FOC then had them slabbed and stickered to dry.

Now that the slabs are drying to the correct moisture content, we can begin building with it! This shelf is made from oak wood from the Mill Plain expansion project, finished in natural and accented with our local smithy’s hooks and brackets! It measures roughly 50″ x 7-10″h x 8″d and sells for $349.99. Other options are available.